Interoception and Regulation: Teaching Skills of Body Awareness and Supporting Connection with Others


The authors share university research experience as well as publishing in the of autism and leading a Neurodiversity research team in the centre for Health Research at the University of Southern Queensland.

Dr Wenn Lawson provides an insightful introduction to the book, which is followed by an opening chapter that provides information about interoception, based on the authors’ experiences as researchers exploring this ‘eighth sense ‘. 

Chapters include:

  • The Development of Interoceptive Abilities in Children
  • Interoceptive Atypicality
  • Practical Strategies to manage Feelings
  • Practical Strategies to Manage Difficult Emotions

The book includes a useful tracking tool developed by Emma Goodall to help support the identification of interoceptive skills in a school-based intervention in Australia. This includes a number of statements such as: ‘I know when I am starting to get anxious’, linked to an understanding of her internal signals related to this and ways to respond in a helpful way. Activities are also included with simple line illustrations to describe and explain how interventions work in action.

This is a useful introduction to the concept of interoception and its significant role in self-regulation. 

Authors: E. Goodall and C. Brownlow
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78775-728-8
Price: £13.99

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