Arna and Ruby: An Autism Story


Author: H. Eaton
Illustrator: K. Coley
Publisher: Helen Eaton
ISBN: 978-1-8380299-0-6
Price: £12.99

Helen Eaton has extensive experience of developing and delivering leadership training for national organisations, before switching to specialising in Autism and Neurodiversity. She is clearly passionate about her work and ‘lives and breathes’ it every day. As a public speaker and trainer, she is committed to helping others reach a greater understanding of the daily experiences of autistic people. 

This book explains key Autism concepts for adults, teens and children in a graphic novel format. It chronicles Arna’s parents’ journey from his early childhood and diagnosis of autism, as well as providing an insight into Arna’s own thoughts and feelings and how his extended family react to his diagnosis. 

A second character, Ruby, is introduced, whose profile is somewhat different, but who also has autism and the story brings the parents together to share concerns and strategies.

Eaton manages to work a significant amount of information into the text about early development, sensory processing, stress and anxiety and strategies for coping in school.

Whereas the style of this text won’t appeal to everyone, it is a novel way to engage with those living with a child with ASD.

Mary Mountstephen
Author: Mary Mountstephen

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