Don’t scrap GCSEs, say teachers

Teachers are worried about the loss of continuous assessment.

Only 22 per cent of teachers in England support the Government’s plans to scrap GCSEs in favour of the new English Baccalaureate Qualification, and 50 per cent oppose the change, according to a new survey.

The results of the YouGov poll show that teachers are particularly concerned at the loss of the continuous assessment element in GCSE’s. Under the new Qualification, grades will be based solely on final examination, but 74 per cent of teachers in England believe that results should reflect a combination of exams and coursework.

A recent public opinion poll by YouGov showed that there is little support for the Government’s proposals outside of education circles, with 64 per cent of the public saying they prefer the old system of combining final exams and coursework, and only 28 per cent supporting the change to basing marks solely on a final exam.

SEN News Team
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  1. The terminal exam only suits reliable students who conform to and accept school structure. Our students are rebellious, difficult to manage SEBD teenagers who need alternative assessment. These unruly teenagers may settle down and should be able to have a qualification behind them that reflects their academic ability, not have to start from scratch later in life.


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