Ofsted tackles “satisfactory” schools


Ofsted is to clamp down on schools that consistently fail to provide a “good” standard of education.

Under new draft proposals, the school assessment category of “satisfactory” will be replaced with a new category: “requires improvement”. The aim is to highlight and tackle schools which are seen to be coasting at the “satisfactory” level. Schools will not be allowed to remain on the “requires improvement” grade for more than three years. They will be expected to achieve the higher Ofsted standard of “good”.

Schools registering as “requires improvement” will be subject to re-inspection within 12 to 18 months, rather than up to three years as at present. Any such school failing to improve its ranking within three years would be placed in special measures.
Ofsted says that its proposals, which have been backed by the Prime Minister David Cameron, are aimed at ensuring that under-performing schools are identified and given appropriate help to improve quickly.


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