Families with disabled children miss out


Families with children with disabilities are being prevented from enjoying family life because of the constant struggles they face to get support and help for their children and themselves, says a new report by UK charity Contact a Family.

The report, Our family, our future, features the stories of 30 families from across the UK whose children are affected by a range of disabilities and rare conditions, giving parents the chance to tell their own story in their own way. Many parents channel all their energy into the practicalities of looking after their children and dealing with bureaucratic issues, leaving them with little time, energy and resources to engage in family activities, the report claims. “I feel like I’m fighting in every corner – when what we really want is to be a family” is the view of one parent quoted in the report.

The report also reveals a great deal of concern about the levels of support available for people with disabilities once they reach adulthood, and claims that many parents are worried about what will happen to their children once they are unable to provide care for them.

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