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    I always enjoy reading SEN Magazine as it helps keep me up to date with the dynamic, ever-changing world of special educational needs. All the latest news & important issues are covered with clarity and a style which is easy to digest. This magazine is gold for anyone involved with sen.

    Duncan Fairbrother
    TES Events organiser, Special Needs London

    “A friend of mine whose daughter has severe dyslexia recommended your magazine to me. I thought it was very well put together and extremely informative for parents as well as professionals in the SEN field. I am secondary maths and special needs teacher and will recommend it to my colleagues.”

    Sarah Emson
    Teacher of Mathematics
    Founder of Multisensory Matters

    “My colleagues and I all read your magazine and really only have positive things to say about it. We particularly like the way it is divided into sections dealing with different viewpoints on the same issue. We even liked how you set out the adverts, with relevant services being advertised alongside the articles. The layout makes the magazine really easy to navigate.

    There was a good mix of articles for parents and carers, as well as the legislative detail which professional people need for writing support plans, etc.

    It is a very fine magazine and we really couldn’t find anything to criticise.”

    Anne Tait
    Learning support teacher
    Secondary school, Edinburgh

    Thank you for inviting us to write an editorial for your magazine. It was a priceless opportunity to raise awareness of Conductive Education amongst parents and professionals. If just one child and family benefits from Conductive Education as a result, you have helped us to assist a baby or young child towards the next stage of their educational and personal development. This means more to our charity than I can begin to put into words.

    Anna Salamonowicz
    Head of Fundraising
    The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy

    “Having received our first copy of SEN Magazine I was very impressed with the content. It contains a lot of practical advice as well as insightful stories about people who have special educational needs and those who work with them. I work with young people with epilepsy and often they have other additional support needs. It is therefore important that we keep up to date with developments, in both policy and practice, and SEN Magazine helps us to do so.”

    Gemma O’Hare
    Scotish Epilepsy

    “SEN Magazine keeps one up-to-date with everything important and gives one a real feeling of support and community. Thanks for a helpful magazine; it makes such a difference to people. I recommend it whole-heartedly.”

    Evelyn Foster
    Children’s author

    “On appointment as Marketing Manager for Sunfield Children’s Homes, one of the first things I did was to analyse where we would achieve the most penetration into our market. A clear leader in the field was SEN magazine and, having had the opportunity to discuss our requirements with Advertising Manager Denise Williamson, we have had an excellent and productive relationship for the last three and half years.

    “At that time we had fairly fluid plans as we were awaiting planning permission for our £3.5 million new school and SEN ensured that they have serviced our account accordingly. We have used the magazine to reinforce our position in the market as well as advertising new products. Using the latter has allowed us to monitor quite closely how successful the response has been.

    “We certainly intend to continue our relationship with SEN and hope that you too enjoy a long and fruitful relationship as we have done. I am more than happy to discuss any further issues you may want clarifying.”

    Elizabeth Wood
    Marketing Manager

    “We are an educational consultancy organisation who run workshops all over the UK to teach a communication system known as PECS. This is commonly used by SLTs, parents, teachers, TA’s, ed psych’s – most of whom are the target demographic audience for SEN Magazine. We have been advertising regularly with SEN magazine for approximately 5 years now. I have always found their service to be courteous & efficient. The reason we continue to advertise with SEN magazine is that when we collect feedback from our delegates at our workshops on what publications they read, SEN magazine is always in the top 3. In the last ten years we have trained over 26,000 people. That’s a lot of SEN readers!”

    Katie Spendiff
    Events & Communication Manager
    Pyramid Educational Consultants UK Ltd

    “We have taken out a quarter page advert in each edition of SEN magazine now for the last  two years.  Its actually the only journal we advertise in as we find that, not only is their circulation our market exactly, but that their rates are affordable and their staff friendly and helpful.”

    Janet Price
    Concept Training Ltd

    “I am so delighted, as I’m sure the many connected people will be too. I’m proud to be leading such a cracking edition of SEN!…Many, many thanks for doing this. I’m sure this will make a difference not just to me and those involved in all the associated projects, but to completely new people and the future children who haven’t even heard about Soundbeam yet…It has been another ‘Great day for music’, what you have done!”

    David Jackson
    David Jackson’s Tonewall

    SEN Magazine
    Author: SEN Magazine

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