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Finding the right face mask

In recent months there have been growing demands for a suitable face masks solution for those with disabilities. One which addresses all the issues that full face masks cause to so many on a daily basis. Whilst options do exist on the market, up until now most have been unsightly, impractical or offer very little protection to the wearer. Key disability equality charities, Scoop and the National Deaf Children’s society even voiced their concerns relating to this very subject in our last issue. 

The next generation of masks are see through, hygienic and reusable. Their ergonomic design allows for an ideal fit for all types of facial features, the light and comfortable innovative transparent fabric has been designed to filter particles but not gases, offering high breathability whilst remaining extremely effective providing 93.4% bacterial, 95% particle and 96% aerosol filtration protection to the wearer. These masks boast ‘best in class’ antibacterial, virus & microorganism protection. The anti-fog fabric means no more issues with your glasses steaming up.  Designed, produced, and extensively independently tested in Spain, these masks comply with European standards relating to the manufacturing of face masks.

Over the past weeks over 10,000 masks have been supplied to over 300 schools and nurseries throughout the UK.  These masks are helping more than 500 UK clients conform to The Equality Act 2010 and ensuring that staff are aware of the need to wear appropriate masks which allow those that have a learning disability, hearing loss, mental health, autism or any other condition to communicate clearly as they benefit from being able to see the face of the person they are communicating with. 

Moving forward

The manufacturer continues to make every effort to engage with key departments of the Government such as Department of Education, Department of Health & Social Care as well as influential MP’s such as Jeremy Hunt in the hope they can get the Government to acknowledge a suitable transparent face mask solution exists. This in turn will enable the Government to amend their stance and provide a clearer, more accurate guidance on this subject in future. 

Whilst up until now the manufacturer has been unsuccessful in their efforts to engage, they are hoping their partnership with Mencap, the UK’s leading learning disability charity will help draw much needed attention to this extremely pressing issue. 

The partnership will see XULA donate a percentage of every mask sold here in the UK, with a minimum of £10,000 per year guaranteed, to Mencap’s worthy cause. 

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