Monday, December 6, 2021

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Support for vulnerable young people in serious violence hotspots

From:Department for Education and Will Quince MPPublished: 2 December 2021 Young people who are most at risk of serious violence or gang exploitation will receive targeted support...

Urgent action needed to tackle and prevent youth unemployment

Reforms to Further Education funding, the apprenticeship levy, the skills system, careers guidance and the national curriculum are urgently needed to tackle the problem...

Autism: Are compensatory strategies a double-edged sword?

Dr Lucy Anne Livingston examines the trials and personal costs facing many autistic people as they struggle to appear “normal” A key characteristic of autism...


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The right course

Effective CPD is not just good for teachers’ careers, it is essential if the diverse needs of pupils are to be met, says Chris Keates

Speaking and writing quietly into the abyss: SEND and inclusion training for teachers

Dr Helen Ross discusses the deficiencies in teacher training and considers what can be done about the situation. In recent weeks, my email inbox has...

Switching to SEN

Rob Grays talks to a teacher who has made the transition from a mainstream to an SEN setting

Hiring teachers during a global pandemic

Recruitment is challenging and stressful at the best of times. When you combine this with the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it can...

Focus on speech and language therapists

Alison Hodson takes a look at the work of speech and language therapists