National Autistic Society launches education category of new Autism Inclusion Award 


National Autistic Society has today launched its Autism Inclusion Award for mainstream schools and education settings. The new award recognises mainstream education services who are working hard to support and educate autistic children and young people. 

The National Autistic Society’s 2019 Not Enough report found that fewer than half of autistic children were happy at school, and 40% of parents said their child’s school place did not meet their needs. So, the award will also help autistic people and their families to identify educational settings that go the extra mile to support their needs and help them to access good quality education.   

The Autism Inclusion Award is aimed at mainstream providers. And the National Autistic Society has a separate Autism Specialist Award for specialist settings. The first organisations to receive the new award are: Arlesdene nursery and pre-school, Holy Trinity primary school, and Rye Park nursery school centre, which are all based in Hertfordshire. Each recipient of the award is held to the high standards of the Autism Education Trust’s Standards and Competency Frameworks, which set out steps and requirements for how settings can better support autistic students in their care.

Autism is a lifelong disability that affects how people communicate and interact with the world. It is a spectrum condition. This means that while all autistic people share difficulties around communication and social interaction, they will face varying challenges and need different levels of support. This can range from 24-hour care to clearer communication and a little longer to do things at school. 

To find out more about the award, how to apply, and about our Autism Accreditation programme, visit

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