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Is the UK's leading wheelchair accessible vehicle specialist. Allied Motibility are committed to designing and converting mobility cars to the highest quality so that you can travel safely in your wheelchair or transfer to a specialised driver or upfront passenger seat. Their vehicles are available to lease on the Motability Scheme, purchase outright or hire for short / long term. They also have nation-wide mobile service vans should you require any assistance with your WAV.

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dbdplay specialises in the design and installation of exceptional landscapes and playgrounds. dbdplay are passionate about creating outdoor environments that provide opportunities for communication and discovery, as well as activity and play. Using innovative natural products, they will work with you to ensure your space is stimulating, safe and inclusive.  

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Douglas Silas Solicitors are the legal experts specialising exclusively in SEN, helping parents successfully throughout the SEN process. Their website: is a popular resource used by both parents/professionals. Douglas authors A Guide To The SEND Code of Practice updated for 2021-22 available as an eBook:

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Fairfield Farm College is a specialist college for students with learning disabilities. The 26-acre site includes well-resourced teaching and vocational learning areas, along with a student common room and cafe. Fairfield Farm College delivers study programmes combining a range of subjects and opportunities that help students understand and develop new skills, knowledge and experiences.

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Fall Detection ( Technologies to detect and prevent falls It is not just the elderly who experience falls, they can happen to all of us anytime, anywhere. Medpage manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of products to help with falls management. Anyone at risk from falls can benefit by using simple technologies to detect or prevent a fall. For a carer early warning of a fall can save distress to the person, even the need to call an ambulance. You can view out top-selling brand of fall management products, TumbleCare, from this link.

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MemRabel (3) daily task scheduling automated playback calendar clock A simple, but effective solution for task scheduling, creating memory prompts, and playing instructional videos. The MemRabel plays media files at required alarm times, simply set using the touch screen menu. You can also use our internet alarm transfer service. There are over 150 pre-loaded task videos ranging in content from medications to exercise prompts. You can also create personalised videos, photos, or voice memos for automated playback. The new MemRabel 3 is currently on offer for only £99.99 (with VAT exemption). Learn more here  

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‘’ – the official UK body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy. Responsible for the development and delivery of the genuine ‘Eddy Anderson model’ accredited and approved training courses. Founded 1972. Tel: 0330 122 5684

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Red Kite supply new and approved used fully accessible minibuses to the UK Care Sector. Working from your instruction our friendly Specialist Vehicle Options Team will design a minibus to accommodate passengers and their equipment including wheelchairs, frames with space for respiratory equipment, lockable drug box and First Aid equipment.  

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Medpage have been a market leader in epileptic seizure detection technologies for 25 years. The monitors detect nocturnal seizures from a sleeping person using a sophisticated patented sensor. Seizure alert notifications are transmitted to a carer’s pager or wireless portable alarm. Medpage Limited is accredited by BSI to ISO EN 9001:2015, and the monitors are appropriately CE marked. Learn more here  

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Sector leading, personalised continuing professional development for the special education needs and disability community. Our past webinar service, a unique way to watch sessions of high quality content by world class contributors in SEND anytime and gain an Informal CPD certificate. Perfect to Empower Your Achievement. Past Webinars

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