Friday, April 16, 2021
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24-year-old karting entrepreneur urges employers to think differently when it comes...

The 24-year-old founder of five successful motorsports businesses is calling on businesses to think differently when it comes to employment, to open the door...

Point of view: travel chaos with Asperger’s


Alex Manners highlights the trials of using public transport for people with a hidden disability.

What is high-functioning autism?

Pearl Barnes outlines common characteristics of people often seen as having a “milder” form of autism

Too clever to have SEN?

Councils are not meeting their legal obligations to people with high functioning autism, writes Ed Duff 

Autism provision in Northern Ireland

Parents of children with autism continue to play a waiting game, says Anne Marie Kelly

Autism diagnosis survey

During November 2013, 2000 people who have an autism diagnosis, or are the parent or carer of someone who has a diagnosis, completed the...

No choice without understanding

Young people with ASD need clear information and practical support to deal with the complexities of modern social interaction, writes Robyn Steward

Asperger’s and the route to work

Entering the world of work can seem like a forlorn hope for many young people with SEN, but Naj Modak tells the story of one young man for whom Asperger's has been no barrier to fulfilling his dream

Sense and sensitivity

Janis Rogers looks at how we can understand and support sensory perception difficulties in children with autism

Acting disabled is the new “blacking-up”

The practice of employing actors without disabilities to play the parts of people with mental impairments is "the modern equivalent of blacking-up", says Nicola...