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Summing-up dyscalculia

Judy Hornigold explains how to identify and support dyscalculia in the classroom

Subtract the negatives

Beliefs about the way maths should be taught discriminate against pupils with SEN, writes Steve Chinn

Five ways to understand dyscalculia

New research may shed light on the different types of problems dyscalculics have with numeracy, says Tony Attwood

Dyscalculia minus understanding equals problem

Tony Attwood calls for all teachers to stand up and be counted

A geography teacher is not a maths teacher: understanding dyscalculia

Tony Attwood makes an impassioned plea for greater awareness of dyscalculia amongst teachers of all school subjects

Dyscalculia and the key to time

Tony Attwood explains what to do when a child simply doesn’t understand time

Does testing for dyscalculia help?

Testing for dyscalculia is not always the best way forward, especially as some schools fail to acknowledge its very existence, says Tony Attwood

Why are some people so poor at maths?

The reasons for failure at maths are many and various, but the solution, says Tony Attwood, is obvious

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