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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Jenny Herd explains how non-verbal communication can be a vital skill. Having a child with no functional speech creates challenges and issues that are not...

Be the change in 2021

Fighting the stigma of autism is already an uphill battle, but it can be extra hard when you’re part of a minority group, writes...

Strategies for supporting Dyslexia

Katie Moylan discusses a number of strategies you can use to support those in your classroom who have dyslexia. How do you currently accommodate the...

ADHD management

Srinivas Gada looks at what ADHD is and how best to support individuals living with it Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder....

Grown up issues

Kairen Dexter provides some useful pointers on preparing students with learning difficulties for adult life

Working together on safeguarding

Emmet Murphy addresses the challenges of keeping pupils with severe and complex learning difficulties safe

The dyslexia challenge

Helen Ross looks at the role of SEN specialists in supporting families with dyslexic children 

The price of equal pay

Stephen Bradshaw asks if the minimum wage is restricting employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities

The secret system

Emilie-Kate Kidd describes her tussle with the local authority to find the right school for her child with learning disabilities

Learning about learning disabilities

We all have a lot to learn about how to support children with learning disabilities, says Jan Tregelles 

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