Friday, December 3, 2021
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Living life to the Max

Young people with Down syndrome can be independent and contribute to society; just look at my son, says Sarah Lockwood

Looking forwards with spina bifida

Lindsay Cunningham-McLeish highlights the issues faced by young people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus during important healthcare transitions

Changing schools

Laxmi Patel outlines the different types of education placements available for children with SEN

System failure

Councils are floundering as they struggle to put SEN reforms into practice, says Ed Duff 

Getting personal

Suzie Franklin reveals how a person-centred approach has helped her daughter with autism to thrive

Planning for transition

Jonothan Wright looks at how schools can prepare children with SEN for the move to secondary school

Making the change

How can we support young people with complex needs to make a positive transition? Fiona Minion and Beverley Samways explain all

Succeeding at college and university with SEN

Education beyond school can be daunting for those with SEN, but potential problems can be averted with the right planning and support, writes Amanda Kirby

Fresh approach to adult autism

The Government has announced its first update of the adult autism strategy since the ground-breaking Autism Act of 2009. Think Autism includes new initiatives designed...

Looking to the long-term

Helping young people with SEN and disabilities into work isn’t all about learning employment skills. It’s also about building relationships with employers, says Pauline Bayliss-Jones

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