Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Making a move

George Fox and Lesley Copland look at supporting young people with autism in the transition to an adult placement or moving home after education

Transitioning to higher education

Caroline Butterwick provides a useful guide for young people with SEN and disabilities starting university

Unstructured times are the worst!

Karen Ferguson provides some simple ideas to help pupils with autism during break and transition times at school

Real world opportunities

Supported internships are having a positive impact on young adults with SEN, writes Pippa Bruckland

Being a “normal” teenager

Student Laura Wilmot tells Anika Backhouse how her visual impairment has helped her forge a strong sense of identity and purpose  

Working it out

Educating employers is key to getting more people with a learning disability into work, writes Mark Capper

Moving on

Beverley Samways and Lynn Donovan look at how to support young people with complex needs to transition to adult services

Living life to the Max

Young people with Down syndrome can be independent and contribute to society; just look at my son, says Sarah Lockwood

Looking forwards with spina bifida

Lindsay Cunningham-McLeish highlights the issues faced by young people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus during important healthcare transitions

Changing schools

Laxmi Patel outlines the different types of education placements available for children with SEN