Friday, December 3, 2021
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Outside the box

Christine Thomas looks at how a creative approach to careers education can work wonders for students in special schools

Progression suppression

Matthew Coffey outlines an Ofsted report which reveals patchy post-16 support for young people with SEN 

Life after school

Tony Stevens looks at the options for young people with SEN once they leave school

Asperger’s and the route to work

Entering the world of work can seem like a forlorn hope for many young people with SEN, but Naj Modak tells the story of one young man for whom Asperger's has been no barrier to fulfilling his dream

Transition post-16: which way now?

Victoria Wright guides us through the maze of transition for young people with disabilities and SEN

The right to learn post-16

Hannah James explores post-sixteen education options for students with disabilities and SEN

Transition: what do you want to achieve?

Robyn Steward looks at the opportunities open to school leavers with disabilities, and presents a personal story of success and fulfillment against the odds

Lost in transition?

Bob Black signposts the way to a smooth transfer to mainstream secondary school for the child with Down's syndrome

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