People with autism in Wales unite to create huge artwork for World Autism Awareness Week


The piece of work has been created by people with autism to encourage Welsh communities to ‘Talk About Autism’

People with autism in Wales have joined their creative forces in a show of togetherness and inclusivity to mark World Autism Awareness Week.

A giant art installation has been created from 90 individual pieces of artwork and has gone on display at The Orb, in Morriston, Swansea.

The artwork has been created to help raise awareness of autism in the wider community, with young people and adults taking part in the project, entitled ‘Unifying Orbis to Celebrate Autism’.

It is being displayed in partnership with the children’s charity Blue Balloon (who offer personal and financial support to children in need) and is one of a series of World Autism Awareness Week initiatives that are running under the theme of ‘Talk About Autism’; a campaign designed to raise awareness and get communities talking.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at Orbis Education and Care stated that creating this piece of artwork has been a very special experience for the children and adults that they support, as well for the hard-working staff, who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make sure the needs of those they support are continued to be met.

This piece is hugely symbolic of togetherness, not only continuing to raise awareness of autism within the wider communities, but also remaining united during a time which has separated many of them, and the people they care for, from loved ones.

The autism support community continues to work hard to make sure families affected by autism continue to thrive and have a collective responsibility as carers, friends, family members and as human beings to continue raising awareness and promoting a better understanding of autism generally. That’s why events like World Autism Awareness Week are so important.

World Autism Awareness Week runs annually to help improve people’s understanding of autism globally and helps make the world friendlier to those who are affected by the lifelong neurodevelopmental condition.

Visit Orbis’ website for more information about the group and the vacancies:

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