Is That Clear: Effective Communication In a Neurodiverse World: Autism-inspired tips for allistic (non-autistic) people


The authors together combine expertise in language development and autism and have created a concise pocketbook guide that is aimed at informing and advising allistic people. It provides advice on how to better understand and include autistic people when communicating, and each chapter has been reviewed by a panel of autistic readers. The book is colour coded for ease of access and covers areas such as communication, social understanding, information processing and sensory processing.

Chapters include:

  • Adapting your language
  • Inclusive not exclusive
  • Different ways to communicate 

The book also includes a number of appendices that address topics such as ambiguous time expressions and  everyday idioms that people use, which can be confusing to people with autism. There is also a handy guide to ‘Ten steps autistic people need you to take’. 

This is a very useful guide that acknowledges how confusing communication can be, and it recognises that this can be overwhelming for the autistic person.

Authors: Z. Gaynor, K. Alevizos & J. Butler
ISBN: 978-1-9162800-2-1
Price: £9.99


  1. I need to understand how to reach out and communicate with a 27 month old boy, who is showing all signs of ASD, and is obviously being assessed at present timing.
    He is extremely hard work doesnt speak very full on attention all the time bad behaviour and screams
    Would like help to know more of how to communicate with a child with possible ASD


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