A Practical Guide For All Providers of early Years Education Caring for Children with SEND


This colourful guide to SEND has been written by an experienced early years teacher and writer, in collaboration with a parent of a child with Down Syndrome, who also works in international aid and development. The book is part of a popular series, with a familiar format, that includes many colour illustrations and activities. It is designed to support early years practitioners with relevant, clear and up to date information that is practical and easy to access. The authors stress that children with special educational needs are everybody’s responsibility, not just the SENCO’s and that early years providers must make sure that every child is fully included in all aspects of early years’ provision. Chapters include ‘Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment (EHCP)’, ‘Removing barriers to learning’, ‘Funding and benefits’, and ‘Resources and training’. The ‘Resources and training’ chapter contains useful forms and documentation templates. The book opens with a brief description of a range of special educational needs and provides the non-specialist with signs to look for and suggested actions, as well as links to further sources of information. With a user friendly format, this would be an informative resource for parents as well as a supportive text for those studying towards an early years qualification. This is an attractive and excellent resource.

Authors: C. Hewson and C.Holmes.
Publisher: Practical Pre-School Books.
Price: £21.00. Available here.
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