Engagement (Part of The Best of The Best series)


Authors: I. Wallace and L. Kirkman
Publishers: Crown House Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 978-178583247-5
Price: £9.99

This series of books brings together some of the most influential voices in education, providing information about the latest and best ideas. In this third volume, the theme of teacher and learner engagement is explored and the Teacher Development Trust has also outlined ideas for embedding these insights into practical CPD. This organisation is an independent charity, founded by teachers and dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of children through advocating radical improvement in the qualIty of on-going training.

Chapters include:

  • The language of discipline
  • Change your teaching, not your learners
  • The assumption of excellence
  • Asking questions to build parental engagement
  • The 300 way learning method

With eminent contributors, including Sir Tim Brighouse, Sue Cowley, Dr Bill Rogers and professor Susan Wallace, this small book packs a mighty punch.

 Three key themes emerge: 

  • That teachers engagement and positive examples are an essential prerequisite for establishing learner motivation. 
  • That learners interests need to be engageD.
  • That an expectation of appropriate behaviour must precede expectations of engagement. In order to achieve this, boredom must be banished. 

The chapters are short and condense years of expertise, research and classroom practice into nuggets of wisdom and links to further reading. 

This is a thought provoking book that would form a useful part of teacher discussion groups, exploring attitudes and beliefs about what it means to be an effective teacher.

Mary Mountstephen
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