Book review: The Dyslexia, ADHD & DCD-Friendly Study Skills Guide: Tips and Strategies for Exam Success

the cover of 'the dyslexia, ADHD & DCD-friendly study skills guide', featuring stacked coloured waves in yellow, red, dark blue and light blue.

The author of this book advises parents, professionals and prospective students on preparing for the transition to further education, based on her experience as a learning support adviser and specialist teacher in a further education college. She is also the author of another book in a related field.

Chapters cover topics  including:

  • Developing a success attitude
  • Reducing exam anxiety
  • Smart learning using multisensory methods
  • Smarter organisation for exam success
  • How exam access arrangements work on the day of the exam

The book also includes a number of templates to structure and support more effective study skills and materials that can be downloaded from the publisher’s website. 

This is a practical, hands-on workbook that is written in a student friendly style, with an enlarged font  and that recognises the difficulties students with specific learning difficulties face. Well-established learning techniques are integrated into the activities  in each chapter and the author encourages the reader to engage actively in preparing for their exams. 

This is a very useful and accessible workbook that recognises the impact of  learning differences and provides a toolkit of resources to develop good study skills and habits.

Author: A-M McNicholas, Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-78775-177-4, £14.99.

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