Reading Recharged: Activities To Put Spark Into Guided and Whole-Class Reading


Alex Barton is a primary teacher, literacy resource creator and reading coordinator, who is active on Twitter as @ MrB_3. This book brings together the best of his experience, providing tips and advice for delivering effective teaching of reading, accompanied with photocopiable resources that can be used with a wide range of abilities.

Barton stresses that primary teachers have a responsibility to nurture a love of reading, reading for pleasure and supporting the reluctant reader so that they can discover the magic of books.

The seven comprehension skills that reflect the National Curriculum requirements for children in a primary school setting are each explained in separate chapters that include activity guidelines and worksheets, including editable versions that are available on-line.

This book would be of value to the classroom teacher and the author also refers to the importance of story time, when texts can be more challenging as well as the role of picture books, even in upper KS2, that convey powerful messages. This is of particular relevance for those students whose vocabulary is underdeveloped.

Author: A Barton
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 978-1-4729-8486-9
Price: £24.99

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