Love Teaching, Keep Teaching: The Essential Guide to Improving Wellbeing at All Levels in Schools


Author: P. Radford
Publisher: Crown House Publishing Limited
ISBN: 978-178583503-1
Price: £16.99

Peter Radford is a teacher, trainer and public speaker who has held roles in middle and senior leadership. He began his  career in youth work and now specialises in leadership, management and personal development.

 In this book, he paints a picture of a truly ‘healthy school where the value of each staff member and student is central to the ethos. He encourages leaders to rethink  common practices and to consider people focused approaches. The book is aimed at teachers and leaders in both primary and secondary settings and it is written from a personal perspective that acknowledges the stresses that teachers face on a daily basis.

The book is divided into three parts, with the first focusing on achieving balance, the second on leadership and leading people, and the final part looks at schools in the broader perspective of global changes in the years ahead. 

Chapters include:

  • The Eight Components of a Balanced Teacher
  • Coping with Stress and Managing Your Mental Health
  • The Six Psychological Needs of Human Beings
  • The Truth About Staff Engagement
  • The Future of Work and the Challenge for Education

In the appendix there is a whole-school strategic plan to transform well-being, which can be used as a checklist as staff  engage in discussions about changing the school’s culture.

This is an excellent book that sets out the author’s vision with clarity and conviction.

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