Your Interests, My Interests: A Visual Guide to Playing and Hanging Out for Children on The Autistic Spectrum


Author: J.Shaul
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78592-650-1
Price: £15.99

The author is a clinical social worker who specialises in working with children on the autistic spectrum. His organisation, Autism Teaching Strategies, provides workshops on social skills teaching and mental health methods.

This book recognises that children on the autistic spectrum can find playing with other children difficult as they are often highly focused on their own interests. It provides a colourful and interactive guide that is very visual and that helps kids learn how to develop common interests with others and to learn how to improve play skills, particularly in less structured forms of social interaction.

Shaul points out that many children on the spectrum feel isolated and need support to develop the motivation , knowledge and strategies for playing with others. The intention is that they will explore the book on their own , as well as with an adult, exploring the opportunities to set up role plays and exploring obstacles to enjoyable social interactions.

The book is divided into 9 parts that illustrate various situations such as:

  • Things to enjoy doing with other kids at school
  • Things I can do with family and relatives
  • When someone comes over: things to do indoors/ outdoors

This is an excellent visual guide  to support parents and schools in ways to interact more effectively. It is a colourful and interactive guide that helps children learn how to establish common interests with friends and classmates, or family members at home.

It’s visually appealing and also provides many strategies as well as recognising  the challenges that children are facing.

Lovely resource.

Mary Mountstephen
Author: Mary Mountstephen

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