Moving With Words & Actions: Physical Literacy for Preschool and Primary Children


Clements is the author of ten books on movement, play and games. She is past president of the American Association for the Child’s Right to Play and she has presented at many conferences internationally. Her co-author is an early childhood adjunct assistant professor, specialising in child movement, music, rhythm and play who has served on several national executive bodies, as well as acting as a representative to UNICEF and a United Nations working group.

This book provides more than 70 lesson plans that reinforce both physical literacy and language literacy, integrating vocabulary from areas such as maths, science, health and nutrition. Each lesson outlines objectives, learning tasks, assessment questions and academic language demands. Whereas the content is matched to the U.S. National Standards, the content is highly relevant to a wider readership. The lessons have been devised for use in a wide range of settings and the authors draw on the most current theories, professional knowledge and research to support both expert and novice in delivering these activities correctly. They offer strong evidence of the importance that words play in the lives of young children and strategies for developing a wider vocabulary for example, to expand young children’s knowledge of the body and motor skills.

Clements and Schneider stress that the lesson plans have been designed to meet the needs and interests of young children with varying abilities and all lessons were field-tested for inclusion in the book.

Authors: R.L. Clements and S.L. Schneider
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 978-1-4925-4790-7
Price: £28.99

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