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Action Jackson is an inspirational keynote speaker and the founder of Fix Up Seminars, a company that has worked with thousands of students and teachers in a wide variety of schools around the world. In this book, he sets out his vision for creating primary and secondary schools where young people can be happy, healthy and motivated to reach their potential both academically and personally. In addition to the text, there are links to free videos and the reader is encouraged to engage with Jackson via his social media. 

Topics covered include; ‘The Happy School Model’, ‘Helping students to find their why’, ‘How to reinforce your mindset’, ‘21 activities to motivate and inspire students’ and ‘Use your imagination’. The author describes three phases to creating effective school teams: come together, stay together and work together.  This then forms the basis of developing a culture of happiness, where there is an equal balance between love and challenge. Jackson is committed to supporting the well-being of teachers, and he stresses the importance of rest and reflection as part of daily practice. The text includes motivation tips and the activities use acronyms to simplify recall.

This is an engaging and upbeat  text that brings together a number of useful strategies for engaging students and nurturing a compassionate attitude to education. The focus is on developing problem-solving skills, leadership qualities and emotional intelligence to navigate adversity.

Author: A. Jackson, Publishers: Bloomsbury Education, 978-1-4729-7456-3, £13.49. Purchase the book here. For more books about school leadership, click here and here.

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