The Authentic Leader: A four-part model to lead your school to success


Andrew Morrish is the founder of Makana Leadership Ltd and has coached many leaders nationally. He is a former executive headteacher and now holds posts in the charity sector and in the education inspectorate. He also founded Headrest, a free wellbeing support service for headteachers. In this book, he presents a four-part model to effective leadership, drawing on both professional experience and current research. This focuses on supporting the reader in defining core values and purpose, to shape ‘personal leadership voice’. The book is organised into four sections that cover key issues such as:

  • Shaping your Mission
  • Empowering People
  • Unlocking Potential
  • Sustaining Growth
  • Delivering a Great Product

This is an interesting book that is written in an accessible style, speaking directly to the reader about subjects such as the authentic leader model, and what it means in terms of strengths like authenticity and courage, combined with self-awareness and vulnerability. There are inspiring quotes to open each chapter, brief case studies and reflective activities. Whereas this is not a book that references learning differences in depth, the concepts and content are widely applicable in terms of not only leadership skills, but also professional development and the contribution of divergent thinkers in complementing and challenging each other professionally. For anyone aspiring to leadership, or seeking fresh insights, this provides a wealth of information and support.

Author: A. Morrish
Publisher: Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 978-1-80199-027-1

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