Title: Brain-Compatible Dance Education (Second Edition)


In this second edition of her popular book, Anne Green Gilbert describes her lifelong interest in perceptual motor development and her concern at the increase in behaviour and learning problems that she has observed over many years of teaching dance classes. She refers to the influence that people such as John Ratey and Norman Doige have had on her thinking and their impact on the ways that she structures her sequential and holistic dance curriculum. 

The book is divided into three parts:

  • Foundations of Brain-Compatible Dance Education
  • Brain-Compatible Lesson Plan Sections
  • Brain-Compatible Lesson Plans

The lesson plans cover the lifespan and draw on the fundamental movement patterns that babies move through in the first year of life, through a short sequence of standing exercises that she names ‘BrainDance’. 

This is a fascinating book that is packed with ideas for helping participants improve focus, motor skills and self-expression. There is also a new web resource that includes video clips of BrainDance, with variations for diverse audiences as well as printable lesson plans.

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