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Book review: Nurturing Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood

Author: D. GarveyPublisher: Jessica Kingsley PublishersISBN: 978-1-75892-223-7£22.99 Debbie Garvey runs training and consultancy programmes for early years and playwork practitioners and is an author of...

ADHD management

Srinivas Gada looks at what ADHD is and how best to support individuals living with it Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder....

What about me?

Andrew Wright and Tony Clifford look at how schools can develop attachment aware practices to meet the needs of all pupils

Positive support for learning disability

We need new attitudes and a new approach to the care and education of children with complex needs, writes Ben Higgins

Pathological demand avoidance

If you have a young person whose behaviour you find hard to understand, you might want to consider PDA, writes Sally Russell

The costs of exclusion

School exclusions are harming young people and exacerbating their mental health issues, writes Asha Patel

Understanding BESD

Hilary Nunns examines some of the main causes of behavioural, emotional and social difficulties at school

The problem with behaviour

Phil Craig takes a positive look at behaviour management in the classroom

Music in mind

Simon Procter reveals how music therapy can provide a vital form of expression for troubled pupils  

Building outdoor attitudes

Nick Russell examines the power of outdoor activities to inspire children and bring them together