The Parents’ Guide to ADHD Medicines


Professor Peter Hill is a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry, with over 40 years’ experience of treating ADHD and lecturing  internationally on this topic. This book is based on talks he has given to parents of children with ADHD, although it has also been written with those under eighteen in mind. Hill aims to provide parents and teenagers with ADHD with the information they need to understand why a prescription has been made, so that they can discuss this with the doctors and other prescribers confidently. 

The book is organised into three parts that cover the basics about ADHD medicines, specific medicines and the practicalities of treatment. Topics covered include:

  • What ADHD Medicines Do, in Practical Terms
  • Side Effects of the Stimulants
  • Other Substances Used for Treatment 
  • Dietary Supplements and Nutritional Approaches
  • Stopping ADHD Medicines

Professor Hill makes the point that ADHD medicines are not cures, or ‘chemical coshes’ and that their role is to help a person with ADHD to manage their lives. 

This book will be very useful to parents and others caring for children/students with ADHD. It is packed with useful information and advice and explains, for example, the implications of the use of controlled drugs and how they act on the brain. The book includes useful appendices that provide additional information, as well as a summary of common questions Professor Hill has been asked over the years.

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