Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Handling new challenges for children with visual impairment

Lucy Proctor describes how her school has handled the impact of Covid-19 on their pupils with visual impairment, and shares a call to action....

What to look for in a school for a child with...

Bernadette John provides ten useful tips for parents visiting potential schools and colleges 

Do the DfE’s SEN figures add up?

Changes in the numbers of people on the SEN register might not be all that they seem Every year the DfE publishes SEN and disability...

Igniting hope through inclusivity

Adam Osborne looks at the role of schools in promoting wellbeing and preventing teenage suicide

Crisis? What crisis?

Vicky Short questions the Government’s commitment to tackling the escalating problem of teacher recruitment

The big decision

Bernadette John outlines key things to consider when choosing a school for a child with SEN

Switching to SEN

Rob Grays talks to a teacher who has made the transition from a mainstream to an SEN setting

Shout out for communication

Chris Hall reviews the Awards celebrating best practice in speech, language and communication

What can pupils with SEN expect from their school?

Specialist SEN solicitor Douglas Silas explains the requirements on schools to support pupils with SEN

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