Nurturing Your Autistic Young Person: A Parent’s handbook to Supporting Newly Diagnosed Teens and Pre-Teens


Cathy Wassell is CEO of the popular Autistic Girls Network and has two children, both of whom were identified as autistic in their teens. The network aims to raise awareness of autism in girls with health, social care and educational professionals and to bring change. Not only to the way that autistic girls are assessed and subsequently supported but to the narrative, with updated and positive terminology used to describe autistic traits ( Source: The network’s website).

The book is organised in three sections, opening with some facts about autism, then looking at autism in different settings and finally at diagnosis and beyond.

The book is aimed at parents of older children and young people who may be autistic, have just been diagnosed or are struggling with their autistic identity. It is written from the perspective of a parent, but Wassell also writes from a wider perspective and shares the experiences of other families through, for example, case studies. She provides extensive useful information, guides to strategies and resources and highlights the importance of parents and their children ‘finding their tribe’. 

The appendices point the reader towards books, APPs, autistic bloggers and much more.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-83997-111-2

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