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School toolkit launches to transform understanding of hypermobility syndromes in children

Improving understanding A school toolkit for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and joint hypermobility syndrome (JHS) has been launched, aiming to improve the understanding, attainment and attendance...

The untapped potential of the special education industry

In recent years, we have witnessed autism rates climb up rapidly. According to WHO, one in 160 children in the world has autism spectrum...

Assessment of Autism during the Covid 19

The aim, in this article is to provide comparative information on the BOSA with its scoring approaches, key logistical considerations for assisting CAMHS clinicians...

Mind your language

Far from helping us to move on, modern autism terminology may be getting in our way, according to Debby Elley and Maura Campbell. After parents...

Diagnosing ASD

Srinivas Gada outlines some of the main things to look for if you think a child may have autism

Child diagnosis: the need to be trauma informed

We need to consider a child’s experiences before rushing to a diagnosis of SEN, writes Margot Sunderland

That autism “thing”

Rachel Jackson has won many battles for her son with autism but what, she asks, is she fighting for?

It’s all about the individual

A person-centred approach can make a huge difference when helping people with autism to develop their personal skills, writes Emma Gosling

Unstructured times are the worst!

Karen Ferguson provides some simple ideas to help pupils with autism during break and transition times at school

Living life in colour

Alex Manners reveals how Asperger’s affects his daily life and is now helping him to shape his future

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