Being a SENDCO: 113 Tips for Building Relationships, Saving Time and Changing Lives


Ginny Bootman is an experienced teacher, former headteacher and currently the SENDCO for four primary schools, in addition to presenting at national conferences. She has developed a focus on the relationships that are pivotal in working with children with additional needs and the role these play in school environments. In a recent chat with her, I was struck by her drive and passion for helping those working in schools to really understand what might be going on in situations and to look beyond the obvious. The book opens with a powerful foreword that details the complexity and diversity of the role of SENDCO (I stopped counting after 50+ attributes). Bootman’s tips are each between one and two pages long. She speaks directly to the reader and offers sound, practical advice that would be of great value not only to new SENDCO’s but also other members of staff and it provides some insights for parents in terms of understanding situations from other’s perspectives.

Tips include:
Finding a time for meetings that suits everyone
Spread the load with a spreadsheet
Make the person behind the counter at the pound shop your friend
Spiky emails from parents
Play detective

This is a super book that genuinely addresses those day to day issues that sometimes make being a SENDCO feel overwhelming.

Author: G. Bootman
Publisher: Independent Thinking Press
ISBN: 978-178135424-7

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