Nurturing Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood


Author: D. Garvey
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-75892-223-7
Price: £22.99

Debbie Garvey runs training and consultancy programmes for early years and playwork practitioners and is an author of and contributor to books on leadership and performance management in the early years sector. Her books share the same central belief that an understanding of neuroscience is vital for those working with both children and adults. In this text, she sets out to combine the best of research and practice in relation to personal, social and emotional development and to provide practical guidance for early years professionals.

Chapters include; Brain Development, Neuroscience and PSED, Promoting Children’s Wellbeing and Theory into Lifelong Practice. The book also includes an endnote, a Reflective Action Plan for Practice (RAPP) and an extensive bibliography.

Garvey writes in an accessible style, creating what Dr Suzanne Zeedyk refers to in the foreword  as ‘a book of stories’. She appeals directly to the reader and draws on personal experiences, her previous publications and the work of many academics, researchers, writers and practitioners. 

Reflective activities provide the reader with opportunities to engage with case studies or to link the content to their own setting. These are interesting activities that help the adult to imagine how they might react to certain situations, and then to use this information in relation to children’s experiences. This book is an excellent resource for both parents and professionals.

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