Morph Mastery


A Morphological Intervention for Reading, Spelling and Vocabulary

Louise Selby is a primary trained teacher with extensive experience in teaching and supporting learners with learning differences in mainstream schools. She has also worked as a specialist advisory teacher and now as a freelance consultant.

This book is an accessible, practical guide designed to support learners who are struggling with literacy and it is a research-based and fun programme that provides a practical intervention that can be used with individuals or small groups, using detailed, curriculum linked assessments. The author has created photocopiable and downloadable activity sheets and resources, using three ninja-like characters, who represent the three core components of morphology (prefixes, root words and suffixes).

Chapters include:

• Spelling: friend or foe?
• Measuring, planning and monitoring through assessment
• The lessons in detail
• Games and resources
• Using Morph Mastery in Class

The book also includes extensive appendices of resources, as well as on-line links.

Louise Selby has produced a book that is well researched and it provides a comprehensive programme to support those students who continue to struggle with literacy skills. It is structured, multisensory and engaging and would be a really useful resource for those working in this field.

Author: L. Selby
Publisher: A Speechmark Book (Routledge)
ISBN: 978-0-367-42000-0

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