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SEN129 : March/April 2024

Read SEN Magazine SEN129 : Mar/Apr here This is where we normally say something prefatorial to direct your attention to certain articles in the following...

Creativity and the Arts In Early Childhood

Supporting Young Children’s Development and Wellbeing Ruth Churchill Bower is the Director of Early Arts, which she established in 2002. She is also a trainer,...

What does a truly inclusive arts sector look like?

As the government sets about launching their new National Disability Strategy, Michelle Temperley discusses the concept of inclusivity in the arts and how it can be...

What’s on listings for people with SEN

An online what’s on listing service, specifically designed for parents and carers with children, family or friends with special needs, has been launched by...

This is the life

Chris Beck tells how music opened up a world of possibilities for his son with Down syndrome and ASD

Sounds of Intent

A major research project has revealed an innovative approach to the understanding and teaching of musical development for children with complex needs. Adam Ockelford, Graham Welch, Angela Vogiatzoglou, Evangelos Himonides and Sally Zimmermann explain all

Is music education accessible to all?

The barriers to formal music education faced by those with disabilities and SEN are being investigated by Drake Music. The charity has launched a...

Book Reviews

Parenting Children With ADHD

10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach Dr Monastra, is a clinical psychologist who is internationally recognised for his research on the neurophysiological characteristics of children...