Thursday, September 23, 2021
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The science of wishful thinking

Entrepreneur turned philanthropist Dame Stephanie Shirley explains why she has donated more than £50 million to autism projects

Parenting Asperger’s

Dorothy Gallagher recounts the small steps that helped her son negotiate school

Scientists find autism and creativity link

People with high levels of autistic traits are more likely to produce unusually creative ideas, according to new research. Psychologists from the University of Stirling...

A special place

Anne-Louise Crocker explains how special school has worked wonders for her autistic daughters

Avoiding conflict

How should we respond when kids with autism display challenging behaviour? Steve Brown offers some useful strategies 

Autism provision in Northern Ireland

Parents of children with autism continue to play a waiting game, says Anne Marie Kelly

Long-term autism outcomes improved by early intervention

Early intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder helps improve their intellectual ability and reduces autism symptoms years after originally getting treatment, according to...

Kicking off

SEN Magazine’s Peter Sutcliffe talks to Jo Redman about living with ADHD and Asperger’s and how sport helped to turn her life around  

Autistic scientist challenges preconceptions about ASD

A scientist with autism has used his own experiences to aid the completion of a study which challenges some of the most commonly-held beliefs...

Making a connection

Yoga can play an important role in helping children to manage their autism, writes Nicole Schnackenberg

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