Thursday, September 23, 2021
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The same but different

Sarah Ziegel charts the divergent paths her four sons with autism are taking through school

Ray of sunshine

Nicky Harvey outlines one child’s journey from isolation at school to an environment accepting and supportive of his autism

Assessing for autism

Mark Chapman and Saba Khan explain what they are looking for when they conduct an autism assessment

An autism success story

Charlotte Aldred explains how focussing on her autistic son’s strengths has helped him to flourish

Enabled by a label

An early autism diagnosis can really open up pathways to support, writes Caroline Davies

Too clever to have SEN?

Councils are not meeting their legal obligations to people with high functioning autism, writes Ed Duff 

Autism Hero Awards

Nominations are open for the first UK Autism Hero Awards. The Awards, organised by Anna Kennedy Online,  will aim to celebrate and showcase excellent...

Routine communication

Empowering parents is key to helping pre-school children with ASD develop their communication, write Libby Hill and Natasha Hallam

Virtual reality technology could help autistic people learn social skills

Virtual reality technologies (VRTs) using head-mounted displays (HMDs) could help people with autism develop social skills and confidence, according to a researcher from the...

Assessing for autism

Mark Chapman looks at the vital contributions families and school staff make to the autism assessment process

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