Monday, April 12, 2021
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Changing learning

Sophie Shearer looks at how technology is supporting students in higher education

Enabling technology for dyslexic learners

Victoria Crivelli, Malcolm Litten and Abi James look at how assistive technology can help people with dyslexia to learn

Digital opportunities 

It’s not the time kids spend online but what they do with it that matters, writes Mark Bentley

Access all areas

Neil Watkins looks at common types of assistive technology and the opportunities they offer for learners with SEN

Shout out for communication

Chris Hall reviews the Awards celebrating best practice in speech, language and communication

Who needs assistive technology?

Antony Ruck looks at how technology can transform classrooms and open up avenues to work for students with disabilities

Working backwards

Finding the right assistive solutions for those with CP should start with what they want to achieve, write Helen Cronshaw and Hannah Golding

Use AT or lose AT

Assistive technology counts for little without proper planning, support and the will to use it, writes Paul Doyle 

Funding crisis in disabled children’s services

More than half of local authorities have cut spending on short breaks for families with disabled children since 2011/12, says new research published by...

Aiding the transition

Kate Duggan looks at how the right communication aid can help students as they move beyond school