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There’s a feast of brilliant articles here on wide ranging subjects, so I’m hoping everyone will find something (or a lot of somethings!) to read and share with colleagues, parents etc.

A big thank you firstly to all the contributors: it’s a pleasure getting to know you and I appreciate the time it takes to put an article together. As always, if any of the pieces inspire you to have a go yourself, do contact me and let’s have a chat about the whole process from initial idea to seeing your work in print. It’s a really good way to sharpen your thinking and writing skills through sharing something you feel passionate about. This is where I give a massive thank you to all the team, whose patience with the new occupant of the editor’s chair is hugely appreciated in making the magic happen.

I was impressed by the authors of this issue’s Point of View, on page 16, where you can read about how two Y11 students, Chaitanya Sapra and Zahra Qazi, created a new approach to inclusion in their school and how they took the initiative to improve the daily lives of some of their fellow students. From small beginnings, they have really made a big impact on the school’s culture.

Jody Ashfield takes the music to the outside in her article on page 17, then you can hop over to Tina Stubbs on page 39 to read about her work connecting children with nature. There’s something of a theme, as Richard Hirstwood on page 25 looks beyond the classroom walls and asks us to consider other aspects of the school environment such as the dreaded school corridor.

From overly stimulating corridors to the Serengeti: that’s just one small leap for Shazia Sarwar-Azim, on page 51, through the use of Assistive Technology. Her passion and drive to engage vulnerable learners demonstrates how vibrant, inclusive and effective AT can be, and she has made this a driving force for academic improvement.

In this issue, we also have two excellent articles on hearing impairment from Ian Noon, the Chief Policy Adviser at The National Deaf Children’s Society and Liz Rothwell, a retired Teacher of Deaf Children and Young People and a Trustee of DELTA. Both articles highlight the lack of support many children and students contend with in mainstream schools.

There are many more articles that I don’t have the room to mention here. I also found some fascinating news articles (don’t miss the one about GCHQ and neurodivergent women, which conjured up an image of ‘Bond, Jessica Bond’ for me).

Finally, another big round of applause for contributors, advertisers and the amazing SEN Team. Together, you make SEN Magazine the leading authority in this field.

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