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Ofsted shakes-up school inspections

School inspections are to concentrate on four key areas from January 2012: teaching quality, pupil achievement, effective leadership and management, and standards of behaviour...

Teachers blame parents for badly behaved pupils

Most teachers (59 per cent) believe that student behaviour has got worse during their teaching career. Of these, the overwhelming majority (86 per cent)...

How does autism affect behaviour?

SEN talks to behaviour expert Paul Holland about the complex subject of autism and behaviour

How can teachers understand emotional disturbance?

Investment in staff training holds the key to identifying and working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, says Roger Catchpole

The roots of self-injurious behaviour

SEN talks to behaviour expert Dr Paul Holland about the troubling issue of self-injurious behaviour

New guidance on discipline issued for teachers

The Department for Education has issued guidance for teachers on how they should tackle “bad” behaviour in the classroom. The DfE has also sought...

Study inconclusive on benefits of omega-3

A study examining the affects of omega-3 supplements on the performance of children in schools has found little evidence that the use of the...

Behavioural rewards mimic ADHD drugs

The use of behavioural interventions can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to control their behaviour and maintain attention in the same...

High Court supports SEN pupils’ rights

A High Court ruling has confirmed that schools have to make reasonable adjustments for children with conditions that give rise to behavioural problems. The court...

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Neurodiversity and Education

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