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SEN and the Arts

Tara Page on how creativity in schools supports self-expression and well-being. When asked what I do, my official reply is Professor of Pedagogy and Praxis....

Fairy gardens and witchy Potions

Louise de Froment on sparking creativity, imagination and engagement.Creating Shipwrecks and An Island Full of NoisesIn my role as Workshops and Inclusion Manager at...

Creativity and the Arts In Early Childhood

Supporting Young Children’s Development and Wellbeing Ruth Churchill Bower is the Director of Early Arts, which she established in 2002. She is also a trainer,...

Licence to learn

The performing arts can play a central role in the education of children with SEN, writes Belinda Ellicott

Engaging therapies

Daniel Thomas looks at how music, art and dramatherapy are used to help pupils with SEN There is a long tradition of using the arts...

Flights of fancy

Toni and Gordon Dickinson reveal how art gives children with SEN a route to self-expression 

Scientists find autism and creativity link

People with high levels of autistic traits are more likely to produce unusually creative ideas, according to new research. Psychologists from the University of Stirling...

The benefits of being dyslexic

Are some of the qualities society most values classic dyslexic traits? Sarah Driver thinks so

Book Reviews

Neurodiversity and Education

The authors of this publication combine extensive experience in the fields of education, neurodiversity, teacher training, tutoring and consultancy. Paul Ellis broadcasts regularly on...