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The future of Down’s Syndrome therapy is just around the corner

A new study shows promising results for the future of therapy for those with Down’s syndrome, writes Dr. Henry Mahncke. Results from a recent study...

How church helped my daughter during lockdown

Marcia Squire-Wood talks about the support her daughter Ruby has received from her church during the Covid-19 lockdown. Lockdown started for Ruby on March 17th...

Learning from Lucy

Bringing up a daughter with learning disabilities has been the ultimate lesson in life, writes mum Samantha Bowen I wasn’t present at the time of my...

Becoming school-ready

Stuart Mills outlines the types of support children with Down's syndrome need in the transition from Reception to Year 1

Left behind

It’s easy to feel isolated when you have a child with a dual diagnosis, writes Debbie Austin 

A grown-up’s guide to teens with Down’s syndrome

Stuart Mills looks at some of the key issues facing teenagers with Down’s syndrome and how to support them

Hearing, learning and Down’s syndrome

Stuart Mills looks at the effects of hearing impairment on children with Down’s syndrome, and what teachers can do to help

Helping children with Down’s syndrome to learn

Gillian Bird provides a useful guide to help teachers understand the learning profile associated with Down’s syndrome

Goodnight Brown Owl

Over the years, SEN Magazine has followed the life of Ruby, who has Down syndrome. Here, Marcia Squire-Wood picks up her daughter’s story as Ruby heads off on her first trip away from the family

Getting moving on physical activity

Are children with Down syndrome missing out on the benefits of regular physical activity? Samantha Downs finds out what parents think