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Dyslexia: diagnosis and beyond

Sonia Ali outlines some of the key processes involved in identifying and diagnosing dyslexia

Sensory support for dyslexia

Susie Nyman reveals how a multi-sensory approach can help dyslexic students with their learning

The dyslexia challenge

Helen Ross looks at the role of SEN specialists in supporting families with dyslexic children 

Living with superpowers

ADHD brings so many positive qualities it should be celebrated, not stigmatised, writes Nichola Parody

Travelling with dyslexia

Diana Hudson explains why people with dyslexia often struggle with time management and finding their way around

Are dyslexia assessments really necessary?

Catherine Wright argues that a detailed understanding of a learner’s abilities and attainment is essential for effective intervention

Enabling technology for dyslexic learners

Victoria Crivelli, Malcolm Litten and Abi James look at how assistive technology can help people with dyslexia to learn

Interactive assessment for dyslexia

Talat Khan looks at the role of dynamic assessment in identifying and supporting dyslexia

Assessing dyslexia

Gavin Reid and Jennie Guise discuss barriers to learning facing people with dyslexia and how these can be overcome.

Play to your strengths

Oliver Selby talks to entrepreneur Georgina Hurcombe about her journey with dyslexia

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