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Mainstream education should cater to all

Steve Proctor, head of sixth form at MOAT school, discusses the many upsides to inclusive teaching in mainstream schools.  When working with pupils with dyslexia,...

Strategies for supporting Dyslexia

Katie Moylan discusses a number of strategies you can use to support those in your classroom who have dyslexia. How do you currently accommodate the...

How a Dyslexic became a writer and a teacher

Toby Lee shares how he was able to relate to his students and become a better person because of his Dyslexia. I spent many years...

Why Teaching Children to Read is Not the Answer

Bambi Gardiner, founder of Oaka books, discusses the benefits of developing and publishing resources designed specifically for dyslexic children. Literacy is the foundation that the...

Book review : Dyslexia and Inclusion: Classroom Approaches for Assessment, Teaching...

Author: G.ReidPublisher: Routledge (David Fulton)ISBN: 978-1-138-48749-9£24.99 Gavin Reid is a recognised international expert who has written over 30 books in the field of dyslexia and...

Dyslexia in higher education


Rhiannon Packer asks if late dyslexia diagnosis is preventing pupils from reaching their potential

Dyslexia: diagnosis and beyond

Sonia Ali outlines some of the key processes involved in identifying and diagnosing dyslexia

Sensory support for dyslexia

Susie Nyman reveals how a multi-sensory approach can help dyslexic students with their learning

The dyslexia challenge

Helen Ross looks at the role of SEN specialists in supporting families with dyslexic children 

Living with superpowers

ADHD brings so many positive qualities it should be celebrated, not stigmatised, writes Nichola Parody