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Early support for dyslexia

Teachers can identify dyslexia in Reception and raise achievement in disadvantaged learners, writes Diane Montgomery

Time trouble

Toby Lee offers some useful tips to help dyslexics with time management

Dyslexia tips for parents

Theresa Sainsbury outlines a practical approach to promoting learning and development in dyslexic children

Dyslexia revisited

It’s time to take a fresh look at some of the commonly held beliefs about dyslexia, writes Sarah Driver  

Harnessing dyslexia

Bambi Gardiner explains how her daughter overcame a tough time at school to find her own way of learning

Helping dyslexics to shine

Diana Hudson provides useful tips for teachers and parents 

A degree of support

Jonathan Beckett examines the provision colleges and universities offer to students with dyslexia and what they can do to improve it

Identifying dyslexia

Angela Fawcett looks at dyslexia assessments and screenings and why they are important

On your side

Margaret Rooke reveals a common thread that links many successful people with dyslexia

Looking forward with dyslexia

Emma Abdulaal describes how the right support can really improve a dyslexic person’s future prospects

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