Friday, April 16, 2021
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Fighting the good fight

Tim Loder describes the struggle to secure an education for his daughter in which her dyslexia is no barrier

Where next for phonics?

Debbie Hepplewhite looks at the progress, practice and problems of synthetic phonics teaching in schools

Technology helps disadvantaged kids into reading

Devices such as smartphones and tablet computers can provide a new and important route into reading for three- to five-year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds, according...

Teach how they learn

Sarah Driver looks at what schools can do to identify and meet the real needs of dyslexic pupils

Movement and literacy

Elizabeth McClelland argues that movement interventions can help improve literacy skills for children with SEN

Dyslexia spells trouble with writing

Emma Sumner, Vincent Connelly and Anna Barnett explore how spelling difficulties can constrain the writing of children with dyslexia

2,000 schools to down pens

A million pupils from across the UK will forego pens as part of No Pens Day Wednesday, a national speaking and listening event taking...

More than words can say

Chris Jolly on how synthetic phonics can help learners with SEN to overcome difficulties with reading

Supporting dyslexia: organising chaos

Bernadette McLean explains how to help dyslexic students manage the increased demands and potential overload of secondary school

Boosting children’s communication skills

A whole-school approach to supporting children’s speech, language and communication skills can produce a 50 per cent increase in progress in reading skills, says...