Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Autism, anxiety and some surprising lockdown wins

We all know about the downsides of quarantine, but Karen Massey shares some surprising upsides to lockdown for children with autism.  A core component of...

The different faces of PDA

Natalie Menagh provides useful advice on how to identify and support children with pathological demand avoidance 

Who’s afraid of special schools?

Bernadette John outlines some of the key considerations when looking at a special school for your child

Pathological demand avoidance

If you have a young person whose behaviour you find hard to understand, you might want to consider PDA, writes Sally Russell

A tipping point for PDA?

Sally Russell looks at the shift in the diagnosis of pathological demand avoidance

Avoiding the subject

Pathological demand avoidance syndrome has long resided at the forgotten end of the autistic spectrum, but things may be starting to change. Margaret Duncan looks at what PDA is and why it matters

The trials of securing a PDA diagnosis

Margaret Duncan reveals how identification of a little known syndrome opened up new possibilities for her child

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