Friday, September 24, 2021
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Learning from Lucy

Bringing up a daughter with learning disabilities has been the ultimate lesson in life, writes mum Samantha Bowen I wasn’t present at the time of my...

The class that roared

Emma Maskell-Ludlow explains how high expectations and some technical know-how have made a huge difference to her pupils with PMLD

Lost in music

Jane Douglas examines the difficulties that children with PMLD have in making sense of sound

Meeting complex needs

Steve Rose examines how changes in the law are affecting those who support children with multi-sensory impairments

A gesture of hope

Anthony Rhys describes how gesture based technology is transforming the lives of pupils with PMLD and SLD

Demonstrably different

It is time for a change in special educational provision for those who have profound and multiple learning difficulties, says Richard Aird

Sensory communication

Sandra Ferne looks at the use of multi-sensory therapy to develop communication skills in those with complex disabilities

What are P scales and do we need them?

Philippa Stobbs looks at how well an afterthought to 1980’s education reforms are serving those working below National Curriculum levels

Talking tablets

Anthony Rhys looks at how tablet technology is revealing a new world of possibilities for some of our most difficult to reach children

Unlocking lives

Janet Trebilcock looks at how a multi-disciplinary approach in a residential school is helping those with PMLD achieve their potential

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